During the last two years I got seriously involved in Global Illumination Rendering using Monte Carlo Light Transport Simulation Methods ala Veach. Last month I completed my diploma/master thesis with the topic "Simulation of Real Photographic Phenomena in Computer Graphics". Because the assessment is not yet finished, I will wait with publishing the whole work. Soon, you are able to have a look at it right here!
The image is a pretty foretaste. The scene was published for free usage at (linkL: http://www.3drender.com text: 3D Render.com popup: yes) in the context of a continuous Lighting Challenge. It is not my main intention to produce outstanding visuals with high quality materials, it is all plain Phong plastic material in here. Among other things I'm working on the possibilities of lens simulation. This image was rendered through the correct description of a Muller fisheye lens with 144 degrees field of view.