Hi all,
over three years elapsed since my last real post. I live near Munich today, got married, left my comfortable scientific environment and entered the world of Java Technologies at comSysto. Sounds boring? Nope, it isn't at all! Today, I think I have learnt enough in the last years to start writing something about it. I even feel to be able to tell stuff, no one told before. Okay, maybe just a feeling, because everything was already told and written out there. But the feeling counts.

The first I need, is some reputation... ;)

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But that doesn't mean that I'm no longer interested in Computer Graphics. Recently, Jo Hanika et al published a new paper on rendering images with realistic lenses. Maybe I should also give my C skills a chance and migrate Chroma to C++11, or continue on my Java8 raytracer? Hm, I will tell you soon ;).
So long!